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6. Ever kissed someone of the same sex?

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Deck the hall with Silver’s blushes, tra la la la, don’t kill me

“For the last time,” Silver snapped, eyes on the files he was rifling through. “I’m not going to partake in your ridiculous customs. I’m not Christian, I’m not even technically European. I was born before Sweden became part of the EU.”

Rolling his eyes, Fade slung an arm around his shoulders much to the silver man’s disdain. “Everyone celebrates Christmas these days. Even Americans and they were never part of Europe.”

“Yes they were.”

“Technicalities!” Fade said airily waving aside the point. “Look, Christmas is a time for celebration, trees, turkey, mistletoe, presents. You never know, there could be something nice waiting for you.”

“Your death?” Silver asked, dead pan.

With a snort, Fade shook his head. “If Redmon has her- woah!” He immediately released Silver and sprang back several steps. “Close one.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Silver demanded, turning on the spot.

Instead of answering, Fade pointed upwards. A bunch of green leaves and white berries dangled from the ceiling.


“Hey, the twins managed to get a spell circle put on them,” Fade protested. “Apparently it enforces the mistletoe law.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Silver sighed. Tucking the files under his arm, he stepped purposely under the mistletoe and turned in a circle. “Look, no effect.”

Before he could step out again, the twins came hurtling down the corridor. They expertly dodged the mistletoe and continued on their way, waving a familiar black and silver cane above their heads.

“Get back here!” a voice bellowed. A certain blond came charging after them. Unaware of his surroundings in his sudden anger, he crashed straight into Silver. The pair toppled over, hitting the sudden barrier that had sprung up around them.

Pushing Kuri away, Silver stared around in alarm. “Oh, you’ve got to be joking.”

“I warned you!” Fade sang, sauntering over. “Now you have to follow the rules.”

“What rules?” Silver demanded.

Rather than have Fade answer, Kuri snapped, “What rules do you think? Two people trapped under mistletoe, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s wanted.”

Silver stared at him.


“Wasn’t asking,” Kuri stated. “I’d rather die a thousand times than think about kissing you.”

“Good because that’s what would need to happen.”

They glared at each other for several moments before whirling around to face opposite directions. Arms folded, faces set in scowls.


“It’s been an hour,” Aoi groaned. “Will the pair of you just kiss and get this over with?”

Glaring at him, Kuri leaned as close as the barrier would allow. “What are you still doing here?”

“The alcohol dispensers don’t react to my thumbprint anymore so I need yours,” Aoi explained looking bored. “You’re the only one who hasn’t been banned yet.” Unsurprising really considering last year’s Christmas party. There were only about two drinking people who didn’t have to be locked up, one of which was Kuri.

“Go find someone else,” he ordered. “Leave me alone.”

After a little more complaining, Fade suddenly appeared beside him and presented him with an override code. With a smirk at the pair, he led Aoi away leaving Silver and Kuri with a sudden peace and quiet.

There was a long pause.

“You know,” Kuri said slowly. “I probably need to go after them. They’ll get ridiculously drunk and break things and-”

Eyebrow raised, Silver twisted around to fix him with a stare. “Are you saying you actually want to kiss me?”

“No!” Kuri snapped. “I’d rather die.”

“But you were just giving a very convincing argument on why we should,” Silver replied, eyes glittering with a patronising smirk. “So could it be that you are hiding desire for my luscious lips behind cold reason?”

Temper snapping, Kuri smacked him.


No matter the season or state of the members, council meetings always went ahead. One time, during the Tudor period, they’d been forced to hold a meeting in a morgue due to one of their members (Fade) being officially dead and unable to leave for legal reasons (and being a lazy arse). Despite the rise in modern technology, there were some meetings that needed to happen in person. Which was why the Union Corporations council was forced to convene in the main corridor.

Despite being unable to leave, Silver found that objects could be passed through the barrier. So he was gifted a chair and allowed to lay his files out on the table that had been relocated to there.

Fade was more than a little inebriated requiring Rain to take his place (not much change there, then). The Chairman found the entire thing hilarious though he had long since perfected the art of looking extremely bored. Rather more unsubtle were Ivory, who had almost bitten her lip off struggling not to laugh, and Redmon who took advantage of the situation by poking Silver with her sword and laughing hysterically when he was unable to retaliate.

Ebony was doing a much better job at composure. Perhaps the only one unamused by the situation was Quartz. She surveyed them all with unimpressed amethyst eyes and sighed a lot.

The cause of their amusement wasn’t entirely the situation. It was more the fact that, due to the lack of space, Kuri had draped himself over Silver and was reading the files over his shoulder. Unashamedly loud, he pointed out flaws, picked apart anything and everything, generally playing devil’s advocate whenever possible.

“I will shove this folder down your throat,” Silver hissed, brandishing it at him.

“You’re like an old married couple,” Rain laughed, earning two sets of pale glares. “It’s the truth.”

“Shut up, Sleet,” Silver snapped. “And get off me!” With an over exaggerated sigh, Kuri leaned back against the barrier. This however did nothing more than aggravate Silver further. “Fine!” He leaped to his feet, whirling around to face Kuri. “Let’s just do it and you can get out of my hair.”

Eyebrow raising, Kuri folded his arms. “I thought you said I’d need to die a thousand times before I could kiss you.”

“Trust me,” Silver said, eyes flashing. “That can be arranged.”

Polishing his nails, Kuri looked down at his hands. “So not only do you want to kiss me, you’d also like to kill me? I’m really not sure about this whole BDSM direction our relationship appears to be taking.”

Redmon guffawed, smacking the table with the hilt of her sword. “Really now, Silvia? Whoever would have thought?”

Sitting back down in disgust, Silver threw his pocket watch at her.


Three hours, twenty seven minutes and thirty four seconds. That’s how long they’d been forced to spend in those ridiculous circumstances. Most of that had been enduring the meeting. Only two bills had been passed before it was deemed too public for any confidential matters to be discussed. Consequently, the meeting was postponed until the next day.

As Quartz’s servants removed the table, the Chairman himself approached Silver. Kuri turned away to avoid his piercing yellow gaze.

“Fix this,” the Chairman ordered. “Solve this problem as soon as possible.” With that he strode away to where his wife stood waiting for him. She shot another purple eyed glance of disapproval in their direction before departing.

“You heard father,” Ivory chuckled, her black eyes glittering. “Kiss now or expect your seat to be replaced. I heard that Cheshire was looking for a promotion.”

“Go blow yourself up,” Silver snapped. With another laugh, she left, slinging an arm around her drunken brother’s shoulder to guide him down the corridor.

Alone again, Silver kicked the chair away with a vicious snarl.

“Temper temper,” Kuri warned. He was sitting with his back against the barrier, eyes closed and feigning sleep.

“This is your fault,” Silver growled. “If you hadn’t come charging down the corridor like an idiot then-”

“You wouldn’t have been forced to lose your fake composure and act with some kind of genuine feeling for the first time in your life?” Kuri asked, eyes snapping open. “If it means not having you lie to me, then I only half regret getting stuck in here with you.”

Face crinkling in a look of disgust, Silver scoffed. “God, don’t go getting sentimental on me now, Kuri. Anyone would mistake this for some stupid fanfiction.”

“Maybe it is,” Kuri mused. “It certainly feels like one. Hey!” he shouted at the ceiling. “Is this fanfiction?”

There is no answer as the author doesn’t approve of the fourth wall being broken during pieces like this.

“Good,” Silver muttered. “Breaking the fourth wall gives me a headache.”

Another stretch of silence.

“So,” Kuri said slowly.

“Yeah,” Silver grumbled.

“It doesn’t have to be much,” Kuri said. “Just a quick kiss.”

“A quickie.”

“Don’t say that.” He ignored Silver’s confusion and got to his feet. “Alright, so… uh. Should we close our eyes or…?”

With an exasperated sigh, Silver grabbed Kuri’s face and pulled it towards him.

“Hey!” Kuri yelled, slamming a hand between them. “Don’t act like you’re the dominant one in the relationship.”

“There isn’t a relationship,” Silver growled. “There’s no one else here but that might not last. So stop whining and just get this over with.”

Kuri smacked him.

After another moment of glaring, Kuri relented and allowed Silver to kiss him quickly. They leaped away from each other, faces twisted in disgust.

“We must never speak of this again,” Silver ordered, gathering up his things.


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